• Production Name: SPC-210 Compact Type Ballast bed cleaning and recycling machinery
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  • Updated: Monday October-01 2018  22:10:17
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 General Introduction:

  Lateral and longitudinal stability of track can only be ensured by maintaining a predetermined ballast profile all the times. During various maintenance operations, ballasting and track renewals the ballast profile gets disturbed which needs to be restored quickly.

  SRIDASPC-210 Compact Type Ballast bed cleaning and recycling  is hydraulic driven, which is mainly used for the construction of new railway line and repair of existing lines. The machine is self-propelled and self-contained, which equipped with center plough, shoulder ploughs, sweeper/broom units, brushes for fastenings and ballast hopper. The ballast distribution and profiling can be done in both directions and sweeping can be done in one direction.